Food items are best when fresh, therefore, we custom bake and ship our food products as quickly as possible. Our standard method of shipping products is via ground, however, we also offer the option of expedited service as well. You select the desired shipping carrier and delivery method of your choice during the checkout process. Based on experience, we have found that UPS is the most reliable 'standard' method for delivery at the most reasonable cost.

Shipping costs for the delivery of orders vary based on the total shipping weight of the product(s) ordered, and the requested delivery destination. In lieu of inflating our product prices to cover the high cost of shipping charges, we choose to keep our products low priced, and charge customers for the actual shipping costs. Our intent is not to profit from inflated shipping charges, but only to cover the packaging requirements and shipping costs for orders.

Our order system directly interfaces with the USPS and UPS shipping calculation systems to provide the shipping charge calculation of delivery charges for each individual order based on weight, size, and destination. Therefore, based on your selection of the shipping carrier, and the delivery method for your order, the actual shipping charge is calculated using carrier's shipping tables to determine the shipping cost of your order.

If you feel that you have an exception situation or require special circumstances regarding shipping, please send us a Custom Request for your order. Custom Requests enable us to handle your order in a unique and individualized manner that is appropriate for special situations.

Our practice is to be fair and reasonable, while still covering shipping costs for the delivery of orders.

Please contact us to obtain additional information, or if you have any questions.