Custom Order Wedding Cheesecakes

Custom Order Wedding Cheesecakes

Product Details

This is a custom order request for 1-9 inch round Chicago Cheesecake, and 1-6 inch round Chocolate Fudge Cheeseake to be tier stacked for service by the customer.

The quoted price for this custom order is a total product cost of $39.00, plus the actual shipping cost of $17.14, for a total order amount of $56.14.

This order will be packed in styrofoam shippers along with Techi-Ice in a single carton, to be shipped via UPS Ground with a guaranteed delivery date of Friday, 09-09-11. The Monday Labor Day holiday prevents shipment earlier in the week for an earlier delivery date in the same week.

To submit this order, the customer must review the order specifications, complete the 'View Cart' and 'Checkout' processes, inputting a 'Quantity' of only '1' (to include both cheesecakes), and select the 'Custom Order' shipping method to prevent a duplicate charge for shipping.

Thank you for your order. We look forward to serving you.