Designer Iced Cupcake Sugar Cookies

Designer Iced Cupcake Sugar Cookies

Product Details

Custom request order for 24 Designer Iced Sugar Cupcake Cookies, packaged in Favor Bags tied with ribbon @ $3.00 each totaling $72.00. plus the actual shipping charge.

Product total = $72.00 + $14.89 Shipping Charge to a delivery destination in Houston, TX

This order will be scheduled for delivery just before Saturday, 01-01-11.

Review this order for details and select an order quantity of '1' for this custom order of 24 cookies.

Select the 'Custom Shipping' method to avoid a duplicate charge for shipping.

Complete the View Cart and Checkout processes to submit this order for production scheduling.

In the 'Special Instructions' section on the last page of the order entry, please note any specific decoration colors you want used AND the color of ribbon to tie the Favor Bags, OR if you want the Favor Bags heat sealed shut instead of tied shut.