Final Payment Quantity Order Bride Dress and Tuxedo Cookies

Final Payment Quantity Order Bride Dress and Tuxedo Cookies

Product Details

This online payment link is to submit the final payment for the remaining balance due on an order to pick-up 150 Bride Dress and 150 Tuxedo Cookies decorated with a bright pink bow and boutonniere.

This order is scheduled for pick-up on Thursday, 09-10-09 between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Driving directions to the pick-up location have already been provided to the customer.

Each cookie will be individually packaged in a Favor Bag and tied with a ribbon; the bride dress cookies will be tied with a white ribbon, and the tuxedo cookies will be tied with a black ribbon.

The total order amount for this cookie order is $600.00, plus $43.50 IL Sales Tax, for a total order amount of $643.50, less the $300.00 initial payment received, leaving a balance due of $343.50.

The final payment of $343.50 must be submitted and cleared on the credit card before the order will be released for customer pick-up by Barbara Parlin. This payment link must be completed and submitted for payment processing.

The packaged cookies will be layered into approximately 6 to 8 separate open top 22x14x6 corrugated cardboard boxes that are not suitable for stacking and will require adequate flat surface area for transport.