Hear some of the things that are frequently asked. This may be helpful information to answer questions that you may have.


1) What if I want my order delivered on a specific date or for a specific event?

When you place your online order, there is a 'Special Instructions' section at the bottom of the entry form page where you select the desired shipping option. In that area, please provide any specific dates, requests, or other pertinent information to help us provide you with the best service possible.

2) When do I need to send in my order to make sure that it will be shipped for the time that I need it?

Orders are processed on a first received, first scheduled basis; we schedule new orders with the first production and shipment date available. Orders are queued and scheduled for production and shipment based on the date the online order is received. Due to demand scheduling, it is your best interest to place your order as soon as possible. Orders placed well in advance of their need will be scheduled for delayed production and shipment just prior to their actual date of need, as specified by the 'target delivery date' that you specify when placing the online order.

3) How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

The time it takes to produce and ship each order varies with the specific product(s) ordered and the time of the year. As with all business, holiday seasons produce peak volume business.In general, you will be notified within 24 hours as to when your order will be baked and shipped.

4) How will I know that you've received my online order?

When your order is received, it will be reviewed and you will be sent an e-mail indicating that your order has been received. At that time, if there are any issues with your order, or additional information is required, you will be asked to provide the necessary information.

5) How will I know when you will ship my order?

Once your order has been received and scheduled for production, you will be sent an e-mail providing you with the specific date that your order will be fresh baked and shipped to it's destination.

6) How can I add comments or specific details for baking or shipping my order?

There is a 'Special Instructions' area at the bottom of the entry form page where you select the desired shipping option. In that area, please provide any additional information for your order.

7) I saw a special on your site once, but it isn't offered as a standard product, can I still order it now?

Even though we offer some 'standard' products. We provide 'custom' baking services, so if you've seen a product previously offered that you want to order, please just send us an e-mail and we will work with you to offer the desired product.

8) How much does it cost for you to make a custom product for me?

The cost will vary depending on the product that you want produced. Just send us an e-mail and one of our Product Specialists will produce a price quote for you as soon as possible.

9) Why can't you ship decorated cakes?

Shipping carriers rarely handle shipments with care; in fact some carriers use hydraulic lift trucks to dump loads of packages handled by the carrier. Decorated icing cakes cannot withstand the rough handling by carriers that ship packages. Food for thought; if a cake shipped to you is baked to withstand the rough handling of carrier transit, do you really want to eat that stiff cake??

10) Can I place an order asking you to tell me which message is in each individual Fortune Cookie?

Yes; there is a an option to select a 'Key Card' which will correspond to each individually marked cookie package for identification purposes. We will mark each cookie with a removable tag and enclose a key card that will enable you to know what message is in each cookie.

11) Why didn't I receive an e-mail with the scheduled ship date, or a notification that my order had shipped?

If you are not receiving any communications from us regarding an order that you placed with us, you need to confirm that you have added our e-mail addresses to all e-mail filters that you have set. AND you will need to check your spam folders to make sure that legitimate correspondence has not been filtered out by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) spam criteria.

12) Why does shipping cost so much?

We charge the customer shipping based on actual USPS and UPS Carrier rates for the weight of the product shipped. Carrier charges have been on the increase for the last two years, impacted by both carrier rate increases and rising fuel costs.

Some other retailers may offer 'free shipping', however, the price of the shipping is just included in the higher cost of the product, often with the size/amount of the product being smaller than our offerings. We don't raise our product costs to cover shipping charges, we openly choose to show you the actual shipping charges, rather than hiding them in the product cost.