Baked Just For You, Inc. is a bakery specializing in custom baking, directly marketing products and services to the public via the internet. Our centralized U.S. Chicago area location is ideal for shipping to all U.S. locations via UPS and optional USPS service.

Since we market products directly to consumers via the internet, we do not operate store fronts or maintain telephone service representatives. This stream lined operation enables us to keep our operating costs lower than most other competitors, passing those savings on to our customers as low product prices for fresh baked goods. Our Customer Service Representatives are available for contact via internet or e-mail contact.

Our products are of high quality and fresh baked specifically for each individual order received. We have Customer Service Representatives accessible via internet e-mail contact. All orders are scheduled for production and filled on a 'first come, first serve' basis. Orders may be placed months or even a year in advance, to obtain priority scheduling for specific delivery dates. We do not process charges against your credit card until the day that your order is actually shipped to it's destination.

Customers receive an automatic online confirmation when they complete their order entry. Upon receipt of submitted online orders, we schedule each individual order for baking and shipment. When production scheduling has been completed, each customer receives a personal e-mail notification indicating the specific date that their order will be baked and shipped. Upon the actual shipment of orders, each customer receives another personal e-mail notification confirming that their order has been shipped.

Our top priorities are quality products and customer satisfaction. Therefore, a Quality Feedback Survey is sent out for every one of our product shipments that have an e-mail address provided for the delivery address. We highly value our customers, and their opinions.